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With more than five years of experience in the business as the franchise owner of one of North America’s largest locksmith franchises, Patrick Lee founded Vancity Locksmith to provide professional and friendly locksmith services to the Lower Mainland. We are an independent, locally-owned business with strong community ties.

At Vancity Locksmith we understand that when a client calls, it is likely because of an emergency. You can expect from us a personable and patient response. Our goal is to put you at ease; we know you may be in a stressful place. We’ll most likely need to ask you a few questions to get a sense of what has happened and what the job entails. Rest assured that the more details we can get, the more useful we will be to you, and the closer our estimate will be to the final price. We’re here to help!

Keep in mind that in certain situations, the final price may differ from the estimate because we need to do an assessment, and the scope of the job could turn out more extensive than what we expected. If this occurs, we will explain the situation to you and will advise on the best steps to take.

Vancity Locksmith provides professional, friendly and reliable locksmith services, with excellent customer service. We handle any commercial or residential locksmith issue with close attention to ensure customer satisfaction.