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Keyless Locks InstallationAre you ready for the benefits of keyless locks?

Keeping your home safe doesn’t have to be a hassle. It is possible to have a locking system that offers both convenience and security. In fact, a keyless entry system provides several advantages over standard locks.

You will not have to worry about losing your keys nor carrying an oversized keychain. Additionally, keyless locks offer greater home security since there is no open keyway to pick from the outside.

Vancity Locksmiths offers keyless lock systems

Forget about the hassle of losing keys, hiding them under the mat, picking them up or making copies. You will be able to enter your home with a simple access code, which can be easily modified. This saves you time and money in the long term, as you will not need to rekey the lock or make duplicate keys.

  • Code-operated mechanism
  • No keys to lose
  • Increased access control
  • No lockouts
  • No need to rekey

Installing a keyless lock can seem like a difficult procedure Vancity Locksmith can lift the weight off your shoulders and advice you on the keyless lock that best fits your home’s security needs and your personal comfort. Contact our 24-hour service to learn more about keyless and automatic locking systems. Rest assured that with our professional locksmiths, you will not be compromising security for mere convenience.

Automatic locks

An automatic locking system can make your life simpler and can be installed with no adjustments to the door itself. You will have greater control over who can enter your home, as the system enables you to add, delete or change user and entry codes swiftly. The technology can also offer peace of mind to people who constantly wonder if they locked their home properly, as many electronic deadbolts will automatically lock themselves.

Commercial Automatic Locks

Business owners will also find an ally in electronic deadbolts, as the locking features allow to automatically unlock certain doors during business hours and lock them at closing time.

  • Keyless technology
  • Simple instructions to reprogram access codes
  • Straightforward installation
  • Battery-operated system
  • Flexible to your budget
  • Certified equipment

Intelligent locks

The first application in any smart home should be found just at the doorway. Users with a knack for technology are turning to smart locks as they can integrate them into other smart home applications through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features.

You have the power to program a touchscreen deadbolt system to send you a security alert or notification whenever someone enters your home or office. The technology also allows you to lock doors and even set alarm systems remotely. Commercial clients will benefit from being able to keep track of each entry in their place of business.

Office buildings and hotels are already relying on touchscreen deadbolts. Jump on the technological bandwagon and find out more about the benefits you can get from adopting a smart locking system.

  • Control your locking systems remotely
  • Create virtual keys for guests
  • Program notifications and security alerts
  • Check the status of locks

Why choose Vancity Locksmith for keyless locks

  • Increased Convenience
    Electronic deadbolts and smart locks will allow you to program access to your property while sparing you from having to worry about physical keys.
  • Flexible service hours
    Regardless of when you call, you can count on Vancity Locksmith arriving at your place to address your emergency and offer you a professional, friendly service.

At Vancity Locksmith, our priority is keeping your family and business safe. Call us now; we will provide an accurate estimate over the phone, as well as fast and reliable service to the Lower Mainland.