Do you know who has a key to your home or business?

If you are moving to a new home or office space, you probably don’t know the answer to this question. Are you willing to risk your family’s peace of mind and safety? Can your business afford the expense of a break in and robbery? It’s just not worth the risk. To be certain no stranger has access to your home or business premises, make sure to rekey or change the locks.

Vancity Locksmith provides affordable solutions to your particular security needs. We offer mobile locksmith services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our goal is to keep your family and business safe from intruders.

Lock Rekeying

Lock Rekeying VancouverIn most cases, rekeying your existing locks is the solution that makes the most sense. It involves changing the pins inside the lock. Your new set of keys will fit the lock, but any other old key will no longer work. This solution is faster and more affordable than changing the locks, which entails taking out the existing lock and replacing it with a new one. Lock Rekeying can be done in a few minutes and will give you the security you are looking for.

Vancity Locksmith can rekey all types of commercial and residential locks from the leading manufacturers. One of our mobile locksmiths can visit your home or business and carry out an expert lock rekeying service.

Changing the locks

In some cases, rekeying a lock is not enough. When the lock has been damaged beyond repair, or it’s too old, our professional locksmiths may suggest changing the lock. This approach involves installing new hardware, and it takes a little bit more time but can be better in the long run. It is a more significant expense than rekeying your lock, but it’s an investment in the security of your home and business.

A member of our team can come to your home or business premises and assess if it’s time to change the locks. At Vancity Locksmith, we explain to our clients their options based on their needs and budget and offer our expert opinion.

Creating a Master Key for your Home

Vancity Locksmith offers the option of creating a master key that opens all your doors at home. This is a great solution when having multiple doors and you only need to carry one key.

When contacting us, ask about creating a master key for your home. One of our expert locksmiths will visit you at home and assess if it’s possible to do it or if you need to change the locks.

Creating a Master Key for your Business

A master key in a business has multiple benefits: -it maximizes security- and is easy to use! Also, you maintain control over who has access to what doors. For added convenience each individual will only need to carry one key, even when opening multiple doors.

A member of our team can guide you through the process of creating a master key and suggest the best approach for establishing multiple levels of access in your business.

Vancity Locksmith professional technicians can rekey, change your locks and create a master key to all the locks in your home or business premises. We know how important it is to know who has access to your home or business. Our goal is to give you the best options for your security. We provide mobile, 24-hour service to the Lower Mainland. Call us now at 778. 888. 3180 and get an estimate!

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